How much is an emergency locksmith in 2024?

It can be stressful getting locked out of your house or car. Finding that a window or uPVC door doesn’t lock properly and is compromising the security of your home, not to mention the safety of your loved ones, can also be a worry.

In these types of situations, you’ll want to enlist the help of an experienced emergency locksmith.

But how much is an emergency locksmith? It’s a good question and Kew Locksmith Southport is here to answer it. That way, you can be fully clued up about what you might need to pay if you ever need a locksmith’s services.

Keep reading as Nick outlines some basic costs and explains why no two jobs (or quotes!) are the same.

How much does an emergency locksmith cost?

Every job I get called to is different. I might face similar issues, like faulty locks or jammed uPVC doors, but while one callout might be quick and easy, another might be slightly more complicated than expected and take a little longer.

There are also different types of locks to contend with, with varying levels of security and expertise needed.

So it’s actually quite difficult to give an exact cost for every emergency locksmith service I offer.

Thankfully, the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) has compiled a handy list of average locksmith prices for 2024, which gives you a ballpark figure for the type of prices you might pay for certain services.

Let’s dive into it in more detail!

Average emergency locksmith prices 2024

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the average cost of an emergency locksmith in 2024:


Just like any tradesperson, the bulk of the cost of hiring an emergency locksmith is going to be the cost of their labour.

Bear in mind that when I’m providing my services, you’re not just paying for my time and fitting costs, but you’re also paying for my expertise and experience.

As I mentioned earlier, some jobs are trickier than others!

Cost: The average hourly charge for an emergency locksmith starts from around £80.


The next biggest cost on a locksmith’s invoice is going to be the parts.

Prices can vary considerably based on the type of lock or locking mechanism involved.

For example, locks that offer a higher degree of security (like an Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock for uPVC doors or a British Standard Yale Lock) will cost more than budget options.

Cost: Here’s a selection of starting prices for common types of locks I replace (not including labour):

  • From £25 for a budget Euro Cylinder Lock.
  • From £38 for a BS3621 5-Lever Mortice Sash Lock.
  • From £60 for an Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock.
  • From £72 to £240 for a uPVC Door Lock Replacement.
  • From £95 for a BS3621 Night Latch (Yale Lock).

Call-out Fee

Be aware that some emergency locksmiths will charge a call-out fee out of hours.

The good news is that you’ll never pay a call-out fee when you call Kew Locksmith Southport.

Whatever time of day or night you need my help, you won’t pay a single penny extra.

The way I see it, you’ve probably been inconvenienced enough already!

Weekend Charges

Some emergency locksmiths also charge a call-out fee on weekends.

It’s common practice to charge a fixed fee during “normal” working hours and then charge an additional fee for anything outside those hours, including weekends.

I don’t do that.

My fees are always the same, whether it’s a weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday.

Typical Jobs

Here at Kew Locksmith Southport, I offer a wide range of emergency locksmith services.

Essentially, they all boil down to a handful of common themes: lock-outs, repairs and replacements.

Depending on the challenge, and how long it takes for me to solve it, prices can vary.

But here’s a rundown of average industry costs for typical jobs:

  • Unlocking a house – The average industry price for unlocking a house starts from around £85.
  • Lock repairs – Repairing a front, back or uPVC door lock starts from around £80 on average.
  • Lock replacement – From £100 for a basic euro cylinder lock to upwards of £130 for a mortice lock.

Call Kew Locksmith Southport today

Now you know the type of ballpark figures you can expect to pay when you need the help of an emergency locksmith, you won’t be caught off guard in your hour of need.

Remember that the prices we’ve mentioned in this blog aren’t exact. They’re industry benchmarks collated by the MLA to give you a rough idea of likely costs.

The actual cost on the day will differ from the prices mentioned based on the complexity of the situation, the time it takes to resolve, and the parts needed.

What you can be sure of when you call Kew Locksmith Southport is great value, with competitive rates and no extra call-out fee to worry about – no matter when you call me.

How much is an emergency locksmith? Probably less than you think in the grand scheme of things.

In fact, if you’ve ever experienced the stress of being locked out of your home or car, or experienced sleepless nights worrying about a faulty lock, you’ll know that the expertise and reassurance of a good locksmith can be invaluable!

If you need an emergency locksmith in Southport, Formby or Ormskirk, call Nick on 07454 416582 now to book an appointment.

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